How to Hunt Raccoons

Although not the preferable animal control method for many, learning how to hunt raccoons is becoming a popular Google search. As well as hunters making a profit from selling hides, hunting raccoons is also becoming one of the quickest ways to reduce numbers. As much as raccoons are very good for the environment, known as one of nature's cleaner-uppers, they actually eat much of the waste material that nature naturally leaves behind. Often feeding on the carcasses left by other, larger predators, they'll also consume roadkill, although often become roadkill themselves in the process.

The traditional style of raccoon hunting usually uses dogs. The canines will be given the smell of raccoons, and then urged to locate the creatures, using their sense of smell. Normally the dogs will chase these scavengers up into the trees, then indicating to their human owners what trees they should focus on. At this point, most hunters choose to shoot their victims, although some are ‘flushed out' using the dogs, who will then go on to kill the animal. 

In many states you will require a license to hunt various animals, and raccoons are included. We would urge that you check out your own state laws before taking any kind of animal control or animal hunting action.

The earlier months of the year — pre-spring and spring — are good seasons for catching the larger males, often on the hunt for women to mate with, food, and also other males to fight with. The biggest territory wars tend to happen at this time. It is said that mimicking the noises that fighting males make will bring the male raccoons closer to you, giving you the perfect opportunity to shoot.

Many hunters also take this opportunity to call out to agricultural land owners, offering to take out problems before they arise. Crops and livestock can be put at risk when raccoons are about, and not just because these creatures eat almost everything and anything they come across. They spread a number of diseases, many of which can prove fatal to entire livestock groups.

Hunting is somewhat of a taboo subject these days, but sometimes is essential for keeping the population of pest animals low. If you are going to choose hunting, make sure that you have the appropriate permits, and also that you follow the appropriate rules and etiquette.